Unfortunately sometimes ads do get caught by our automated screen capturing system. We're working on ways to reduce this from happening.

For every coverage image you can swap the default automated screengrab with alternative images we try to get for you.

You'll see an option to "fix image" at the top of every coverage item.


If the alternatives shown are also broken hit "retry". When you select  "retry" it takes you back to the coverage...then you need to open up the fix broken image option again to see the retries.

If our alternative images do not fix the issue to workaround this you can capture the site image manually and then upload this image into the coverage item from the green add image button.

Use our Google Chrome Toolbar

If you use Google Chrome we have a free extension you can use to capture images and add them directly to your report. Read more about that here > 

If you're using chrome the Awesome Screenshot browser extension is good for capturing websites.

You can then remove any images you don't want by clicking the small trash icon next to the thumbnail.


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