If you are a new trial customer who signed up after 19th August, check out how you can organise your coverage below.

Its possible to move items by dragging and dropping single and multiple clips. First head to the "order & sort" view.

You should be able to drag and select multiple items - then drag them into position.

e.g. click and drag around the item

You should then see a little box (with the number of items you have selected. In this example "2")

You then click and drag this into where you want the items to go.

Then release and it should drop them in. Here's a short video on how to move multiple items.

If you have any questions please get in touch at support@coveragebook.com

Trials started after 19th August - how to organise your coverage

Import your coverage direct into sections

If you would like to organise all your coverage into sections - perhaps by coverage type, or event, month, or region... You can choose to upload new coverage to an existing section you've created, or set up a new one.

Reorder the sections in your report

Head to the Book Overview page and you can either drag and drop your sections or click on the up and down arrows to reorganise them (the top section will show first in your report and so on).

How to reorder coverage within a section

First, there's a couple of view options you can use (your clients won't see these views in the final book).

Grid view

Click on the grid view option to see your coverage as image thumbnails

List view

This is a handy view when you have lots of coverage in a section. Click on List to see all your coverage in a list view

Reordering coverage - automatic sort options

We've included some automatic sort options where you can reorder all your coverage in a section by date, and by metric (audience, engagements, views).

Click on the Sort option

And select how you'd like to organise your coverage automatically.

We'll do this just for this section, so you can choose to reorder your coverage a different way for each section of your report.

Manually ordering coverage

You can also manually order your coverage. For single clips you can drag and drop them to a new location.

To move multiple clips (either in the grid or list view), click on the checkbox to select the clips (you can also select all fi you wanted to move all the clips to another part of your report).

You can now:

  1. Delete your selected clips from the report

  2. Move the clips to the front or end of the section

  3. Move clips to another existing section

  4. Add clips to a newly created section

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