You can add and edit titles on clips added to CoverageBook. 

If you have signed up to a new trial with us after 19th August check out how to edit titles below

Click on edit title...

Type up to 100 characters (they're all plain text so links won't work). Then save your changes.

With longer titles, only the first part will display in editing mode and when the report is viewed online. 

But you'll see the full title in the PDF version of the report.

New trials after 19th August - how to edit clip titles

There's a couple of ways you can edit the titles for your coverage.

Offline Coverage:

When you first upload an offline clip, we'll ask you to select the outlet/publication first (select from the drop down if you've added this outlet before, or click on the + to add a new one).

Then, you can edit the title before uploading the clip:

If you wanted to edit a clip already in your book, click on the Edit option and you can change all the details.

For Online Coverage:

Just follow the same step above - go to the clip in your book and hit the edit option in the top right corner to change the title, add a custom URL and more.

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