Video files uploaded to CoverageBook must be in MP4 format (.mp4) or they will not display properly. 

If you don't already have some software to convert video files, VLC Media Player is a good option. Its free, open source and widely available on most operating systems:

Select your operating system and download VLC Player to your computer (please refer to VLC's support site if you have any questions on this)

Converting a file:

The pictures in this guide are for Mac, but its the same process for Windows too. 

  1. Open VLC Media Player, then go to File - Convert/Stream...

2. Click Open Media and choose the file you'd like to convert. Then, select Video- H.264 + MP3 (MP4). Leave all other settings as they are. It will remember this selection the next time you want to convert a file.

Then, click save as file...

3. Click Browse and choose a name for your file, using only letters, numbers and _ or - symbols only. Then click Save.

4. Click on Save to convert and save the file to your chosen location. Note that the filename is .m4v a this point (you'll need to change it in the last step). 

5. Go to the saved file, right click on it and select Rename. Replace.m4v with .mp4 and click OK. 

Next, click on Use .mp4 to confirm the change and you're all set!

6. You can now add the MP4 file to CoverageBook!

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