Sometimes ads or cookies windows get caught by our automated screen capturing system. We automatically retry the screenshots a number of times, so if the default image hasn't been successful, its possible to swap it for an alternative screenshot.

To do this, click "fix image" at the top of the clipping.

If one of our alternative screenshots was successful, select it and click on Swap Image.

If none of the alternatives are suitable, you can manually capture and upload a screenshot of the site. We are working on ways to reduce this from happening. If you do find that we were unable to get an image automatically for a website, please contact us at with the URL. 

Manually uploading an image:

If you don't already have a tool you use for taking screenshots, the Awesome Screenshot browser extension is a good option.

Click on Fix Image at the top of the clipping, or Add another image...

Click on Choose Files to select your chosen image.

Once selected, click Upload to add the image. 

To remove any unwanted screenshots from your book, click on the small trash can icon on the image thumbnails.

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