When uploading online coverage we'll gather metrics data automatically for the article. But if you'd like to amend the auto generated data that's no problem. Click on Edit Metric in the item:

You'll now be able to override the numbers for visits, views and Twitter shares:

Click on Save Changes and it'll update those numbers in the book. Please note you'll only be able to edit the number, not the metrics description label. 

How do I change it back to your automated data?

If you'd like to remove your custom numbers and revert back to our automated data, click on Edit Metrics and delete the values. Click on Save Changes to update the item:

How can I tell if the monthly site visits has been changed manually? 

We show a SimilarWeb logo under each metric label for data we've pulled automatically. If a number has been manually edited, the SimilarWeb logo will disappear. You can revert back to our automated data at any time by following the steps above. 

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