If you are a new trial customer after 19th August, we're working on adding support for uploading custom pages to your reports. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

You can insert custom divider slides to separate your report into sections. This could be by media type, or event, perhaps month, region, or any other way you'd like to organise all your coverage. 

This is a short video on adding dividers using our template, or how to add your own custom dividers and pages:

New trials started after 19th August

You can organise all your coverage into sections. This could be by coverage type, event, month or region - however you want to organise your reports.

Upload coverage to a new or existing section

When importing coverage into a new or existing report you can upload to an existing section (just click on the drop down menu to choose which one), or create a new section.

Your coverage will now be organised into sections within your report (instead of using traditional divider slides). You can drag and drop sections or use the directional arrows to reorder them.

For more video tutorials on using CoverageBook please check out our guides and tutorials available in the help and advice menu.

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