Our plans are designed to scale with the amount of coverage you achieve. Each plan has a usage quota for how many clips you can upload in a month (or year, if you have paid upfront for one of our yearly plans).

What counts as a clip?

Every item uploaded to CoverageBook counts as one clip, and includes:

  • Online articles

  • Social posts

  • Offline coverage images (PDF files, JPEG, PNG)

  • MP4, MP3, Mov media files

What are the plan limits:

  • Bronze - 100 clips a month (1,200 on yearly plans)

  • Bronze + - 300 clips a month (3,600 on yearly plans)

  • Silver - 1,000 clips a month (12,000 on yearly plans)

  • Silver + - 3,000 clips a month (36,000 on yearly plans)

How can I see my account usage?

Click on the Account Settings - plan tab to view your monthly usage. Your current plan, monthly limit and usage will be shown here (for the current month we show actual usage since your last bill - previous months are calculated by calendar month to give you an overview of usage over time).

I'm approaching my limit, what should I do?

We'll show a reminder when you're approaching the limit of your plan:

We've included a buffer so you can go over limit by a little during busier months. We'll show a warning that you're over limit. If you still need to add more clips we'd recommend upgrading to a higher plan. You'll have access to the higher limit straight away (we'll charge the pro rata plan upgrade fee at your next monthly renewal).

If you don't need the higher limit later on, you'll be able to downgrade to a lower plan. When downgrading, you'd keep access to the higher plan until your next monthly renewal comes round.

I've gone over my plan limit:

We'll show a warning message in your account to upgrade.

Click on 'see upgrade options' and we'll suggest some alternative plans, based on your current usage. Upgrading happens straight away so you can continue to use your account as normal. You'd be free to downgrade again at any time when your usage is within the limits of the lower plan.

Usage is based on the amount of clips you've added since your last bill. Monthly usage resets the next time your renewal comes round.

I'm on a yearly plan, what happens if I go over the limit?

If you exceed the yearly quota of your plan before your next renewal date, we'll recommend a higher plan with more usage. We'll charge the pro rata upgrade fee at your next renewal date.

If you have any questions on this, or would like more details please get in touch at [email protected], or via the chat messenger when logged in and we'll be happy to help.

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