In short no we won't. We could. But we've decided to take a stand against AVE and not provide this as a metric for you.

I understand it's still something your own customers may ask for.

We also get asked all the time. And I'm sure we miss out on customers because we won't integrate these numbers. I've been told this many times. But we're still doing ok.

If just a handful of tool vendors (they know who they are) took the decision not to make up these numbers for you to use then things could improve.

We do have the ability to add custom metrics to the summary section. Some people use this area to add their own figures. But we don't provide them for you. Sorry.

You might find this a useful read:

p.s. Watch your current or prospective provider of automated AVE metrics for online coverage squirm when you calmly ask "how do you work out this figure for a specific publication in the age of programmatic media?"

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