If you've started a new trial since 19th August it'll look a little different - click here to see how to upload offline coverage

You can upload offline clippings in a range of file formats including JPG, PNG and PDF. For audio and broadcast coverage we accept files in MP4 format.

Here's how to upload those to your report.

Click on add offline coverage, select your files and click on upload... We'll add those to your report!

How to upload offline coverage - for new trials after 19th August

Click on the + Add Offline Coverage option in the menu, and select the files you'd like to upload.

If you've already added some coverage to different sections in your report you can upload files direct to them, make a new section, or just select the default Coverage section (you can always reorder your coverage later on if preferred).

The next step is where you'll set up the publication for future use as one of your regular outlets. You can add a new outlet, select from the list of existing ones you've added previously... Then, give it a title, select a date and click on save to upload the clipping to your report.

You can now edit the clipping to update any details, and include an audience figure (like Circulation), which will be saved and automatically used for future uploads from this outlet.

You can also add in your own custom metrics for the individual coverage (as many as you like - we'll total all the data up fro you through the book)

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