For new trials and paid accounts started after 19th August, click here to see how you can hide, show and organise your metrics

You can hide (and show) metrics by hovering over the metric card in the Metrics Summary Section of your book... 

And pressing the "HIDE" button.

The Metric Card, and the associated metric will be hidden throughout the book now.

To show the hidden Metric Card (and associated metric) again, just click on the "+ Hidden Metric" button again and select which metric you want to show again.

You can also hide and show estimated visits, Domain Authority and Publication Date by clicking on the show/hide button at the top of the first coverage item:

Uncheck the metrics you'd like to hide and click Update. Just check the boxes again and click Update to unhide the metrics.

New trials started after 19th August - how to show, hide and organise metrics

Click on the Metrics Summary menu from the left hand side options of your report

Then, click on the + menu option at the bottom of your metrics page.

Then, check or uncheck any of the metrics you'd like to show or remove from your report.

Please note this will only hide the summary cards from being visible. We'll be adding more support to hide and show data from individual clips in a future update.

You can show as many metrics cards as you like! And don't forget you can also reorder the metrics any way you like by dragging and dropping the cards.

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