If you've signed up to a free trial after 19th August, we're working on adding support for custom page uploads in a future update. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

The very best reports we see often include custom added pages & images to tell the story of a campaign & highlight specific insight.

You are able to add custom dividers/slides to any report. 

Our customers currently use the divider function for:

  • Giving more detail on the measurement goals and key learnings of the work. 

  • Highlighting expected coverage

  • Displaying social media coverage

  • Explaining more about the campaign

  • Importing an infographic or piece of content from a campaign.

Uploading PowerPoint slides & Word Docs or PDFs

e.g. If you import a presentation with 10 slides we'll convert this and import 10 new divider pages for you.

Here is an example book showcasing how dividers can be used >>

You can find the divider option when you click on the "add coverage button". It's the bottom option in the dropdown. This video will show you how:


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