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The very best reports we see often include custom added slides, pages & images to tell the story of a campaign & highlight specific insights. This could be for:

  • Giving more detail on the measurement goals and key learnings of the work

  • Highlighting expected coverage

  • Explaining more about the campaign

  • Importing an infographic, graph, or piece of content from a campaign

As of Sept 2023 you can now create blank, editable slides and add in your own images, colours and text inside your reports!

Examples of what you can do with Custom Slides!

Adding slides to the Front Matter pages

Click on the + Add Coverage button at the top of the left hand main menu, or click on 'add slide' to the right.

Adding Slides to a Section

When you're inside a Section, Click the "Add slides & analysis" button to create or import slides. You can also create a blank Section just for slides only!

Next, choose to build your own slide or select a file to import (you can also drag and drop files across from your drives).

Building your own slide

Click on Create a slide to build your own inside your report.

Select the 'Layout' button to choose your slide layout:

Add text, select background and text colours, and add your own image to the slide.

Import a slide

Click on the 'Import slides' option to add your own images. Select from your drive or drag and drop the files. We accept Jpg, png, gif and PDF formats. You can add as many slides as you like, and drag them to reorder.

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