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How to add broadcast, print, radio and other Social content to your report.
How to add broadcast, print, radio and other Social content to your report.

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In addition to importing online and social coverage using the URL, you can also import coverage files for print, broadcast, radio or any other coverage you'd like to upload as a file to your reports. We accept a range of file types from JPG, PNG and PDF, to media files (MP3, MP4, MOV and WAV files).

This process can also be used for when you want to add a social media clip like an Instagram story.

To get started, click on the + add files button in the top left, and select Upload Coverage Files. Either drag and drop your files into the upload area or click on "Upload Files" to add them from your folders.

From this next step you can choose to import your files to sections in your report. If you're happy just to add all your coverage to the one section, just leave it as the default "coverage" section.

If you'd like to add the files to a new section in the book, click on the "add new section" link to create one, then select it from the drop down menu. Or, if you've already got your sections added, click on the drop down menu to select the one you want.

For example here i've added this coverage into my print section.

Next, click on Create 1 clip.

Add your coverage to the book right away, and edit later

If you'd prefer just to add all your files now, you can skip filling in any details about the outlet at this point. Just click on "Save to book" and we'll import the files for you to edit later.

Adding coverage to an existing outlet.

The Outlet/publication search bar shows all the outlets that you have already saved to your account. You can search for these and select the outlet you want to add this coverage to.

Creating a new outlet

If you've not added any coverage from an outlet before (you can check by searching in the step above), you can create a new outlet to add this coverage to.

An outlet will be the place that you earned coverage - a magazine, TV show, social media account and so on.

Click on Create new outlet...

Next, choose which category the outlet best fits from the drop down box. We've included all the social platforms we support so you can add this content manually.

In my example I've chosen print. This will show the outlet's audience as Circulation (and viewers for TV, Listenership for Radio and so on).

Give the outlet a name (for example a newspaper publication, or radio/broadcast station or influencer's account name) and click Create Outlet to set it up. We'll remember these details so you'll only need to set up an outlet once.

Once you've created the outlet you can find it in the Outlet drop down box.

Adding coverage to existing outlets in your account

All your saved outlets will be searchable from the Outlet search box on the right. Just start typing in the name and we'll show you options you can select.

Next, edit the title if needed, select a publication date (this is optional), and click on Save to book.

Adding Audiences and other data

You can now edit the item to update any details, and include an audience figure (like Circulation for your print coverage), which can be saved and automatically used for future uploads from this outlet. Just make sure the 'Apply this change the next time this outlet is featured' option is selected.

You can also add a more detailed description about the publication, social account etc in the add outlet description field.

***When creating an outlet we will remember the details you provide and use these for future submissions. If you make any changes we won't update all the coverage from the same outlet across all your books, so changes to metrics can be tracked over time. For example if you update the Audience on one clip, it won't change all clips in that outlet to the same figure.

Editing the title, date, metrics and adding comments

Click on the Edit button in the top right corner of the coverage to edit the title, add a date, or include any URL to link out to from the shared book.

You can also add custom metrics of your own and add comments to the coverage.

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