How to add an organisation logo

Click on the Book Overview menu, and click on the banner logo option. From here you can upload a logo (it will be visible in the top left corner of your reports).

Here's a preview of the shared online report with the logo added.

Changing the accent colours

You can add a custom set of highlight colours and accents to keep your reports on brand.

From the Book Overview menu, click on the accent colour option. From here you can manually select a colour, or type in your Pantone reference to exactly match (it'll default to our own CoverageBook colours if you don't want to change this).

Once set, you'll now see some subtle colour changes to our front cover montage and default labels. here's an example of the metrics summary page:

Customising the front cover

Click on the front cover menu. You can update a client or brand logo, add titles and text, select a front cover image, use our coverage montage or keep things simple and go with a plain background.

Adding a logo

Just click on the cover logo option and upload an image. We'll show it on the front cover (we don't support ,webp logo format).

Cover Text

This is where you can select a title, and subtitle to give more context to your reports.

Setting a front cover image

There's three options:

  1. Use our default montage view (we'll show small thumbnails of your clips in a collage as the front cover image).

  2. Upload your own front cover image manually (higher quality images are best).

  3. You can select no cover image - it'll just display the title, client logo on a white background.

Hide the front cover page

The final option in the front cover menu is to hide the front cover page from the report. Just click on the option to hide or unhide this page.

Adding custom images to sections in your report

You can also upload your own images as custom slides to the beginning of each section through your report. These could be a high res campaign image, or a chart, campaign activity overview, anything you like... To do this, open the section either from the Book Overview page, or from the Coverage menu, and click on Section Image.

You can now upload as many custom images as you like, reorder by drag and drop, or delete them as needed.

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