How to archive, restore and delete a book

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If you'd like to remove or delete a book from your account, click on the 3 dots below the book image in the All Books page, or when you're inside a collection folder, and click on Archive and continue.

It'll remove the book from any Collections folders, and will store it in your Archived Books folder (just below your list of Collections).

When you Archive a book, it will no longer be accessible, so if you've shared the book as an online link, it will no longer work. Click on the "Archive" folder to view all your archived content.

The books are displayed in the date order that they were archived from your account, with the most recently archived books showing first.

How do I restore an archived book?

Click into the Archive folder to see all your archived books - we'll show the most recently archived books first. Click on the 3 dots below the book and click on "restore". We'll add it back to any Collections the book was in.

Can I permanently delete a book?

Archived books will no longer be accessible unless you choose to restore them to your account. If you would like to delete a book, click on the 3 dots below any Archived book and you can delete it.

**Deleting a book is permanent and cannot be undone**

This will delete the book from your account - any coverage in the book will still be saved in the Coverage Vault, which contains a record of all the clips you've imported to your account.

How to remove a book from a Collection, or move one to another folder.

If you'd just like to remove a book from any Collection, click into the folder and then the 3 dots, and select 'remove from collection'. The book will still show in your 'All Books' folder. Or, select 'move to another collection' to add it to another folder.

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