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How to delete coverage from a book

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Delete a whole section of coverage

If you'd like to remove all the coverage items in a section, go to the Book Overview page and click on the trash can in the top right corner of the section.

You'll then have the option of just deleting the section but keeping the clips in the book (they'll move to our default "coverage" section for you to reorganise).

Or, click 'delete and remove clips' to remove those items from your book.

Or when you're inside a section click on the 'select all' button and you can also delete all the clips at once from a section. This will still leave the blank section afterwards.

How to delete individual coverage items from a book

Go into any section of coverage and click on the tick box in the top left corner of any clips you'd like to delete from the book. Once your selection is complete hit the delete button and confirm.

I accidentally removed some items from a book, can I get them back again?

Yes. Any items you remove from a book will still be saved in the Coverage Vault page, which stores a record of all the coverage you've added to your account.

Here I have searched for the publication name and date range to find the items I'm looking for. You can search by publication, coverage type, by book, collection or over a date range...

Next, select the items you want to add to a book and click add selection to existing book.

Then select the book.

And finally select a section in that book, or just add to the default coverage section.

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