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How to use the Clipper extension to fix and Retake Screenshots
How to use the Clipper extension to fix and Retake Screenshots

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The Clipper extension allows you to retake a screenshot for any reason. This is then captured using your local web browser, so you can capture screenshots which CoverageBook wouldn't normally be able to achieve. For example:

  • Close cookie notices and pop-ups: The tool will capture the page exactly how it is when you press 'Take Screenshot', so close any unwanted popups or ads that are ruining your image!

  • Screenshot pages behind login screens: The extension captures the screenshot using your local browser. This means you can be logged in to services and capture screens CoverageBook can't normally access. Just follow the process below but make sure you're logged in to the website before starting.

  • Updating to a newer version: Has the content of the page changed since you imported it to CoverageBook? Simply retake the screenshot to capture the latest version of the page.

Using Clipper to fix screenshots

  1. Open the clip you'd like to update

  2. Click the “Add/edit media” button and then "Retake Screenshot".

4. You’ll then be taken to the webpage in question. Wait a few moments for all the ads and pop ups to load. Then close any unwanted messages or things that are in the way. and then click 'Take screenshot':

5. Clipper will capture the screenshot, using your local browser, at the exact CoverageBook dimensions. Make sure not to interact with the browser while this process is taking place. Some webpages will cause an error with the clipper at this point but continue to wait for the process to finish as it may well be able to complete anyway.

6. When the screenshot is ready, click on 'Save' and CoverageBook will slot it seamlessly into your book.

This short video will show you how to use Clipper:

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