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Setting a focus point for screenshots using Image Frame
Setting a focus point for screenshots using Image Frame

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We'll take one continuous full screenshot of a webpage automatically and upload it to your report. Using the Image Frame feature you can select any part of the article to show as the main coverage image (this could be a mention, brand, product, anything you'd like to show as the key focal point for the coverage).

Click on "Add/edit media"...

Then click on "Image Frame"...

Use the left hand side menu to drag the image frame anywhere within the screenshot.

Once you've got your selected part of the image click on Save changes.

You can then close the popup and your changes will be saved.

Can I still see the full article?

Yes. When you click into the coverage image from the online shared report or PDF, the report reader can view the full uninterrupted screenshot as an image attachment from inside CoverageBook without needing to view the content separately online.

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