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The Add/Edit Media menu allows you to crop both manually added images and CoverageBook's full length screenshots.

How to crop a full length screenshot

In the main edit view of your coverage click on the Add/Edit Media menu button.

Next click on the Crop button. You'll see a blue grid around the screenshot, where you can drag the top, bottom and sides to edit the full length screenshot.

Once you're finished hit Save Changes to make a permanent crop of your selection.

Please note this is a destructive edit and can't be undone once you've cropped the image.

Here's how the final cropped image looks in the report.

How to crop manually added images

You can upload a range of image file types (JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF) images. Any images you add to CoverageBook can be edited.

Click on the image you want to edit from the selection bar on the left and click on the Crop button.

Use the blue grid to make a new crop of the image and click on Save - this is a permanent edit.

I want to start again, how do I get the full screenshot back?

Any crops you make will be permanent, but you can use the Retake Screenshot button to capture a new, full length screenshot of the page (or if you've added images manually you'll need to upload the originals again).

You'll need to have our Screenshot Toolbar installed to use this feature.

Once you've retaken a screenshot you can make new edits to the image.

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