Our Add/Edit Media menu has all the features you need to import and edit additional media to your coverage.

We accept a range of image file types including JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF. You can upload single or multiple images at once.

How to add an image to an existing coverage item.

Click on the Add/Edit Menu when you're viewing the coverage item full page.

To add more images click on the + add image button to the left.

Select the files you want to add (click and select from your folders or drag and drop).

The main image is at the top (this will be the one that's the main full page image when you share your report). You can rearrange images by dragging them up or down.

You can also click into any of the images on the left to crop, hide or delete them.

Hiding and Deleting images

You can choose to hide the main default CoverageBook full length screenshot if you'd prefer to show your own images instead. And you can hide any additional images you've added (you can unhide those later on).

All hidden images will not show in the shared report. You can see which images are hidden as they'll appear grey with a 'hidden icon'

If you'd like to show the images again click on Unhide.

**Any changes you make will show immediately in our live shared online report, but you'll need to generate a new PDF version any time you make edits to your report**

You can also choose to permanently delete images by clicking on the Delete button. This can't be undone.

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