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Using our Highlights feature is a great way to showcase your best coverage to your report readers! Click on the star icon above any clip to select it as a highlight.

We'll add it to the Highlights page of your report so your key coverage is given priority, just below our metrics summary page. You can add as many highlights as you like!

You can drag and drop the thumbnails to reorder the highlights (from the main Highlights menu).

Its also possible just to make a report just showing the highlights but keeping all the metrics for your other coverage. To do this, go to the Book Overview page and hide the other sections of coverage.

Create a summary report from just the best pieces of coverage in your account

The Coverage Vault page stores all the coverage you've added. Click on the 'Just Highlights' check box and we'll just show all the pieces of coverage you've selected as highlights so you can quickly see those and create a new report, or add them to an existing book in your account.

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