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Do you monitor for coverage?
Do you monitor for coverage?
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No, our tool focuses on helping you gather the metrics and present your coverage beautifully. We leave monitoring the coverage to those who are already experts in the field.

If you're looking for a solution to monitor media coverage and generate beautiful reports, BuzzSumo stands out for us as one of the best tools for online media monitoring. However, like most media monitoring solutions the reports don’t showcase the coverage at its best and the metrics are a little limited. So that’s where CoverageBook comes in!

Using BuzzSumo for monitoring is easy. Simply go to the monitoring section and follow the prompts to set up your monitoring preferences, including keywords to include or exclude. For ongoing monitoring, you can choose to receive email alerts whenever your brand is mentioned, either in real-time or daily at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can log in to BuzzSumo anytime to view all mentions of your brand and refine your search using date ranges.

Once you've gathered your monitoring results, BuzzSumo allows you to download a CSV file containing the coverage links. CoverageBook now steps in to turn these links into a coverage report.

Simply create a new book in CoverageBook, then paste the links from the CSV into the import box. And just like that, you'll have all your online mentions neatly compiled into a visually appealing coverage report, ready to impress your stakeholders. You can try Buzzsumo for free for 30 days - just like you can CoverageBook, so it is easy to try them together.

Buzzsumo and CoverageBook combined have been dubbed a 'powerful media monitoring and evaluation system' by PR Evaluation Expert Andrew Bruce Smith. But if Buzzsumo is not for you, we have a list of other media monitoring solutions you might want to try out here:

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