Yes. There are a couple of ways to do this. Both don't use up your monthly usage. It's free as part of your plan.

If you have signed up to a free trial after 19th August check out how you can organise all your coverage into summaries and more below

  1. Every book has a merge button here:

When you click on the book you'll see this..

Just click add more books. Then repeat the process with all the books you want to merge.

Then click "Build Merged Book Now"

2. Or you could use your "search archive" view to get to this. Click "search" in the top right menu.

Then you can browse all your coverage by client, date and search term. Then export to CSV (to get totals etc) or even create a new book from the results. (for free).

New trials after 19th August - how to use existing coverage to create new, and add to existing reports

Head to the All Coverage menu to see all the coverage you've ever uploaded to your account. There are multiple search and sorting options to help you find all your coverage quickly, for analysis, insights into how your clients and teams have performed, and much more.

How to add coverage to an existing report

Visit the All Coverage menu.

There's a range of sorting and organisation options to help you select which coverage you'd like to use in other reports. Date range, publication title, sorted by metrics or A-Z, and so on.

Once you have a selection click on select all, or you can just choose from that list of clips by checking each box.

Note - if you have more than 100 clips in your selection, click on the option to select all at once (we'll only show 100 clips per page).

Now click on Add selection to existing book, and select the book from the drop down list

And choose which section of the book you'd like the clips to be added to.

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