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Present and organise your coverage in full page, grid or list view

Present, organise, coverage, full page, grid, list, view

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There's three different ways you can present coverage when sharing reports as an online link or PDF.

And you can choose to present each section differently, so you could have your social coverage full page, but online as a grid or list and so on.

Full Page View

Our full page view will show one piece of coverage per page and this is the default view option. Its a good option for showcasing smaller reports or your best coverage!

Grid View

This is a great option for larger books or sections where you have lots of coverage. Here I have the online coverage section of my book shown as a grid view.

We'll show smaller coverage images in a grid, with the key metrics information below each image. Readers can click through to view any items in full screen. This is a great way to present lots of coverage in more condensed way to help keep reports more visually impactive and accessible.

List View

This is a great option for larger reports or sections - perhaps a syndicated press release with lots of similar coverage pieces where you want to include those, but don't need to show each full size.

We'll show a smaller thumbnail image, the main info about the article and metrics to the right. As with all our view options, readers can click through to view any items full screen from both the online and PDF report (when viewed online).

How to select Full page, Grid or List View

When you're viewing a section of coverage in your book, click on the Coverage Layout menu and you can select a view option. You can select different views for each section!

Click to Preview in book at any time to see how your coverage will look when you share the book!

In the Book Overview menu you can see all the sections at a glance and we'll show which view you have selected so you can quickly check all the view options for your book.

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