How to use the Clipper extension to Bookmark pages

Bookmark and save links as you browse the web using our Clipper tool and then add to CoverageBook all at once!

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You can also use Clipper to bookmark coverage links while you browse for mentions

When you come across articles featuring your coverage, you can bookmark them in an instant and create a handy little list of coverage links.

Here’s how in 6 easy steps:

1. You find a new piece of coverage.

2. Click the CoverageBook icon in your Chrome toolbar

3. Click ‘Bookmark this page’

4. Find another piece of coverage? Great, click ‘Bookmark this page’ again

5. Keep an eye on how much coverage you’ve collected with the icon counter

6. Click ‘Copy All Bookmarks’, then you can paste into either a new or existing coverage report (or your personal tracker if that’s your bag).

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