How to save the sorting order of your coverage

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When you're importing clips, you can choose from one of our automatic sorting options, and you can save your sorting preferences for each Section, so as you add more clips over time they'll go to the right place!

If this is a new report, click on the "One-off Sort" button in your coverage section.

Next, select how you'd like to sort your coverage from the options in the drop down list (we have date, title, outlet name and by highest or lowest metrics available).

Then click on Automatically maintain this order and hit the Sort button to save your preference.

You can sort each section in a report how you like!

Once you have chosen this option you won't be able to manually reorder clips, as we'll automatically place them in the right order as they're added.

Can I move clips between Sections?

Yes, you can still move clips between Sections in a report. Just select the clips and click on the "move to" option to place them in a new or existing section in your report (they'll automatically go in the right place if you have saved sorting switched on).

I've sorted by date but they're not saving in the right order.

One of the most common sort options is by published date. Where possible we'll collect the published date from the article, but sometimes that's not possible. Any clips that don't have a date will go to the start of the Section.

Switching to List View in a Section is a great way to quickly see all your clips, with their published dates so you can quickly see any that need adding.

If you need to add a date, click into the clip to open the edit view, and click on the Published Date button to add one.

Hit save and we'll automatically place that clip in the right date order.

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