Can I copy, move or add clips to other books?

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As of July 2023 we've added some new options to make it even easier to move or add one or more clips to another book! You can:

1. Select multiple clips from the Coverage Section page

When you're viewing coverage inside a section, there's the option to move a clip to another section or book in your account or add clips to another book.

Select the clips you want, and we'll show some options to move or add those to other books.

2. Add coverage to other books using the Coverage Vault

We'll save all the coverage you import to your account in the Coverage Vault.

From this page, you can filter by publication name or title, by Collection or Book using the drop-down menus to search for the clips you want to reuse in another book.

You can now create a new book from your selection of clips, or add them to an existing book elsewhere in your account. You'll now have the same clip added to both reports.

3. Move or add a single clip to another book

When you're editing a clip, click on the menu (3 dots) in the top right corner. You can now move clips to a new section or other book, or choose to add the clip to another book.

Further reading

Can I make different edits to the same clip in different books?

Yes, but you'll need to make a copy of the clip you want to edit first. We have a guide on this here.

Can I see the metrics breakdown per section in my book?

We'll just show the total numbers for all the clips in a book as one Metrics Summary, but you can use the options above to copy a selection of clips to another book to get the metrics summary just for those items. Here's how.

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