I can't find a book in my account. How do I search for it?

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Books screen

Sort options

At the top of the books screen there is a search box and a list of sort options which you can use to find your books.

Using these, especially when your books are organised into collections, is a great way to find them easily.

Coverage Vault

The coverage vault is a collection of all the coverage you've added to CoverageBook, with a selection of filter and sort options to help you find it.

On the left hand side you'll see a book filter, where you can search for a book in your account.

Select the book you're looking for and the coverage list will filter down to just the coverage in that book. Select any piece of coverage to open the clip. At the top of the clip you'll see links to all the books that clip is in. Click on the book you're looking for to open it up

You'll then be taken to that clip, in the book you're searching for. You can then make any changes you need to.

Browser Search

You can use your web browser's in built search option to search for your book title. Use CTRL+f (CMD+f on a Mac) to bring up your browser's search box. Input your book's title and it will search the page for that text.

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