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Can I edit CoverageBook's automated metrics?

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ts possible to edit our default outlet metrics, and have your changes just apply to the clip you're editing, or you can choose to update all future clips with the same number.

How do I edit CoverageBook's metrics?

Click on the edit button next to any of our metrics to change our automated number.

Type in your new number. You can choose just to update this individual clip (our default setting), or apply your change to all future imports from this outlet using the checkbox below. Just hit save to apply your changes.

* this will update the clip in any books it appears in

How do I change the audience on one clip?

To make an edit to one clip in your account, leave the "apply this change" box unchecked. It'll just update the value for this clip.

* this will update the clip in any books it appears in

How can I use the same number for all future clips I add?

If you want to use your own numbers for all future imports from the same outlet, keep the "apply this change" checkbox ticked. When you add more clips from the outlet in future we'll keep the same numbers (for example where you want to keep the same print Circulation).

* this will update the clip in any books it appears in

I want to reset the data back to CoverageBook's automated number

If you want to revert back to using our default data juts for this clip, click on the 'reset to' link and leave the 'apply this change' box unchecked. Or if you want to revert to CoverageBook's default data for future clips, check the 'apply this change' box.

Any changes you make won't affect coverage you've already added. All future clips from the same outlet will use our automated metrics.

How can I tell if I've edited a metric?

We'll show Moz and SimilarWeb's logos next to the DA and Unique Visits for each clip to verify they're from our providers (for our estimated views and engagements we show a 'verified by CoverageBook' tick'). If you manually edit a metric, we'll remove the verified logo so you'll know its been changed.

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