How do I edit details in an outlet?

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When you import an online clip we'll automatically assign it to an outlet. Sometimes you may want to display different details from the ones we have pulled through. Here is how you can update the logo, name, and description of an outlet.

Open the clip you wish to update and select 'Edit' next to the outlet/publication name.

You'll then see a list of details about the publication which you can make changes to:

Any changes you make here will apply to the clip you're changing and will not change any other clips with the same outlet. If you'd like to use these changes for future submissions to this outlet, you can select 'Apply these changes next time this outlet is featured'. Then any time you assign a new clip to this outlet, the details you enter here will be used.

After you've made your changes simply select 'Update Outlet' to apply them.

If you want to go back to using the default values in future submissions:

  • Open a clip which still uses those details - you can find this by searching the outlet name in the Coverage Vault

  • Select 'edit' next to the outlet name

  • Make sure 'Apply these changes next time this outlet is featured' is selected

  • Select 'Update Outlet'

  • All done! - next time that outlet is featured it will use those default values

NB: if you don't have an old clip which still contains those values, then you will need to manually change them back to the defaults.

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