Can I archive, delete or edit a custom metric?

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From the main Account Settings menu, you can view all of the custom metrics that have been used in your account. From here you can choose to edit a metric, archive it from your available list of metrics, or permanently delete unused metrics!

How do I edit a custom metric?

If you've made a typo when creating a custom metric, or would like to edit the name or description, click on the edit button next to the metric, and you can now amend the details. Hit save when you're done.

  • Note that any edits to a metric will update all the clips you've added it to across your account.

How do I archive a custom metric I no longer use?

If you're no longer using an older custom metric, click on the Archive button to remove it from your current available list of metrics.

It'll just remove the metric from your current list, and won't affect any past clips or books where you've used it. You can view all archived metrics from the "archived tab".

Can I reactivate a metric?

Yes. Just find the metric in the "archived" tab and click on reactivate. We'll add it back to your current metrics list so you can use it again for new clips!

Can I permanently delete a custom metric?

If you Archive any metric it'll no longer show in the available list of metrics when you're editing a report. Any unused metric can be permanently deleted. Just find the metric in the "archived" tab, and click on delete.

If you've got any clips that currently have this metric assigned to it, you won't be able to permanently remove it right away.

Go back to any books where you've used this metric and remove them from the clips. You can now go back and permanently remove the custom metric. This cannot be undone.

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