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Every report you create has its own unique URL. This is a live link to the report you've created, so if you make any changes, your report readers will see those in real time as they revisit the URL. Some people also link to their reports from their websites.
You can also edit the subdomain name for all the reports you share (Important - There is one subdomain per account & will be used in ALL online sharing links, so pick something you're happy to use account-wide). Shareable URLs will show your brand, agency or organisation name.
Just head to the share menu from any of the main pages when logged in (bottom left corner).

You can also hit the share button when previewing a report. Don't worry, when you share a link to a report your readers won't see the green editing menus (they're only shown if you're a logged in user).

Just copy the link and share! When clicked on it'll always show the latest, updated version of your report :)

Can I share a link to a section in my book?

Yes! If you have a very large report with loads of sections, or perhaps you want to share a link direct to the relevant part of a book with your clients, just preview your report and click on the section from the contents menu... Then copy the direct URL link to that section (here, the link will go right to the highlights page)

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