Can I sign in with SSO?

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Yes! When creating your CoverageBook login, you can choose to sign in with your single sign on login, instead of creating a separate CoverageBook login.

Creating a new account using Google or Microsoft SSO

When signing up for a new trial account in CoverageBook, instead of creating a user using your email and a password, you can choose to sign up with your existing Google or Microsoft account.

Signing In with Google or Microsoft SSO

Once you have a CoverageBook account, you can select to sign in with either Google or Microsoft, instead of via email and password. Even in you originally created an account with an email and password, as long as the email matches your Google or Microsoft account, you can switch to signing in via Single Sign On.

Accepting a CoverageBook Invite Using SSO

When you receive an invite to a CoverageBook account, you can accept that using your Google or Microsoft SSO login, instead of setting up an email and password.

After you open the link in your email, just select to sign up with either Google or Microsoft. The email on your SSO account must match the email you were invited with, otherwise you won't be able to use this option.

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