If you're a new trial customer since 19th August check out our guide on adding social media clips below

You are able to add social media posts to a coverage report. Copy and paste the unique URL of the post just as you would with any other site. Then we'll embed the social post live within the report. 

Here's a short video on how to add social clips:

Here's another short video explaining how the metrics are shown inside the embedded clip:

You'll see likes, comments and shares update automatically over time inside each post, when viewing the coverage from the online version of a book:

For current CoverageBook subscribers we don't total up these stats to show in the metrics area of the report. But you are able to count up and add a custom metric card to the report if you do want to add these numbers for now.

Adding social media clips for new trials after 19th August

Upload your social media posts as online coverage and we'll embed an image of the post and collect audience and engagements automatically!

Just paste in your links (they'll need to be the direct URL for the post) and click on Add clips and we'll do the rest!

We'll show the posts audience, estimated views (find out more about this here) and engagements (likes, comments, shares). Here's an example post from Instagram. We also support Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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