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Questions about the free trial
What can I access in CoverageBook's free trial?
What can I access in CoverageBook's free trial?

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Our free trials last a month and are completely free, so you can try us our with no commitment to start a subscription after the trial period.

You can import around 200 coverage items. Feel free to invite some teammates so you can all try us out!

You can access almost everything in the trial. You'll notice watermarks over the images, and our CSV data export is only available in our paid plans. During the trial period you can share reports as an online live link, or download a PDF copy.

Once the trial has ended, any online links to reports you've shared will no longer work, but if you upgrade to one of our paid plans within the trial period they'll become permanent for as long as you're subscribed to a paid plan (and we'll remove any watermarks).

Do I need to cancel the trial?

If you're not ready to sign up to a paid plan after the trial ends, there's nothing more you need to do. We'll only ask for your email address so there's no commitment to purchase after the trial ends. We'll keep any reports you created for a short time after.

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