How do I invite team members?

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As of April 2024 we've introduced user roles. You'll need to be an account admin to be able to invite and remove team members. Here's how to invite a new teammate into your account.

From the Account Settings page, go to the My Team tab, and click the "Invite teammates" button. We'll send an email invite to that person - they'll need to confirm via the link in the email to complete the login. Invite links last for 7 days.

By default all new teammates you invite will be assigned an Editor role.

Can I change the role of the person I just invited?

Yes. Just select a role for your teammate as you're inviting them!

How many teammates can I invite?

All CoverageBook plans include team member logins so you can invite your colleagues to join you on the account. Teammates can choose to sign in using their email and a password, or sign up using a Google or Microsoft account.

Each plan tier has a set number of logins available to cater for different team sizes.

  • Bronze - up to 5 team members.

  • Bronze Plus - up to 10 team members.

  • Silver Up to 50 team members.

  • Gold - up to 100 team members.

My teammate didn't receive the invite email. Can I resend it?

When you send an invite, you can resend it again after 30 minutes. You'll see the Resend button is faded if the invite is less than 30 minutes old. Just click to resend if needed.

Invite emails will expire after 7 days if not confirmed. If that happens you can re-invite your teammate again.

I invited someone but it says "please contact support"

If you see this message get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can help!

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