How to merge or combine reports to create summaries

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It's possible to merge reports in few ways using existing coverage you've uploaded, for example making a quarterly or yearly report for your clients, or a roundup of your best coverage for the year.

As of July 2023 we've also added some options that'll make moving or adding clips from one book to another even faster. We've got an FAQ on this here.

If you're looking to make a summary report from multiple books, the best way to do this is from the Coverage Vault.

Create Summaries from the Coverage Vault

In this short tutorial video we cover:

  • How to make a summary report over a date range

  • How to select just the highlights from your coverage to create 'best of' reports

  • Adding multiple books to create summaries

Here are 2 ways to do this using the Coverage Vault.

1. Using the Coverage Vault's search and filtering options you can quickly find coverage and create a new report from it.

e.g. Here is a test account where I'm building a book for the client AnswerThePublic.

I've selected all the books for this client.

And I've filtered to coverage from a certain time period.

Then I can just make a new report from it. Simple!

2. Create a blank summary report and add existing coverage to it

If you'd like to organise your coverage into different sections within a report, perhaps by month, one way to do it is to make up a blank report first then add some sections and add your coverage to those later. Or, you can make some templates from existing books here.

Create a new book from the All books page, give it a title and select go to book and add coverage later.

You can now format the report, edit the front cover, logos, accent colours to prepare everything. Next, add the sections to the book.

Once you have all your sections created, this part is done! Head over now to the Coverage Vault and you can start to add coverage to create the summary.

You can use the various search options to select the coverage you want to add. For example here I have searched for my November 2021 book, and selected all the coverage in it. But you can also multi-select individual clips, choose a date range, or search by publication name or platform to refine your search criteria further.

When you're ready, click on "add selection to existing book", and select the summary report you made earlier.

Next, choose one of the sections you created earlier and finish by clicking add selected coverage to this book.

You'll now see all your coverage appear in the "November" section of the summary book you created. Repeat this process to add in the coverage from your other reports.

Make a highlights only book

You can also quickly make a highlights only book. Just click on show highlights only and create a new book from selection to quickly showcase all your best pieces!

Remember you will have needed to select clips as highlights through your reports beforehand. To do that, click on the star icon above each clip.

if you have any questions get in touch and we'll he happy to help!

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