How to hide and show metrics in a report

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You can choose to hide any of CoverageBook's default metrics from showing through the clips in a report, or in the metrics summary page, so you can tailor the data to suit your clients needs.

How to hide or add metrics in the summary page of a report

Choose from a wide range of metrics cards to customise your report. Just check or uncheck the tickbox above each card to customise the summary page

Click on the Metrics Summary menu from the left hand side options.

Then, click on "choose metrics" or the + add/remove metrics button at the bottom of the summary page.

Then, check or uncheck any of the metrics you'd like to show or remove from the summary page of your report.

You can show as many metrics cards as you like! And don't forget you can also reorder the metrics any way you like by dragging and dropping the cards.

If you prefer to hide the summary page altogether click on the show/hide summary menu to remove this page from your report

How to hide metrics from showing through the coverage in a report

You can also choose to show or hide individual metrics from the clippings in your report. Go to the Book Overview tab and click on the Metrics and Backlinks menu:

From here you can toggle on or off which metrics show through your report.

Can I make a template of a report to keep my metrics choices saved?

Yes. If you make a blank template of any existing report we'll remember the metrics settings you've chosen, both the order of the cards in the Metrics Summary and any you've chosen to hide through a report. Here's how to make a template!

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