In this example I've got two different clients, Foodies and Eateries, and they've both been featured in a 'best of' article.

I've already added the coverage to one of my client's books, but I want to add it again for my other client and edit the screenshot.

Go to the next book and upload the URL.

We'll add the original coverage item from your account to the new book, so you'll also see any edits you've already made to that item. But you can now make a new copy you can edit individually.

First, make a copy of the clip in the book. The copy will save on the right.

Click to edit the copy and select your other client's mention using the "set Image Frame" feature.

You'll now see the new edited copy for your client's book on the right. Just delete the original on the left and you'll have two different edits of the same coverage to represent each of your clients, in different books.

Delete the original...

Both client's mentions are featured in different books for the same coverage URL.

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