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If your online coverage contains a link back to your website then that is going to transfer some Authority / Credibility.

Endorsement and recommendation is one of the major factors in how Google decides where to send millions of people every day which equates to millions of pounds for brands.

If you get coverage with links back you should definitely be taking some credit or increases in organic search positions & revenue for your client!

E.g. A link from some BBC coverage to your client would have a big impact to your client’s search engine visibility.

Domain Authority is a metric (scored out of 100) that gives some indication of how influential a website is in search engines and is often used by search agencies to give their clients an indication of the quality of their link building efforts.

Good authentically gained links tend to have a high Domain Authority. As a rough guide here is what we'd say about coverage that has a DA of...

1 - 19: That's low... (Note: it might be that the site is brand new.)

20 - 29: Pretty Average (see above.)

30 - 39: That's Good

40 - 59: A strong link

60 - 80: A very strong link

81 - 100: Awesome link!

For new trials started after 19th August we're now also automatically collecting the Max DA score from all the websites featured in your report!

You can read more about DA here

The Domain Authority score will be updated on March 5th, 2019. Here's how it will affect CoverageBook users.

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