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How do I find my client's backlinks in my coverage?
How do I find my client's backlinks in my coverage?

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If you think you may have secured some links back to your campaign content or client's website in your PR coverage, it's a good idea to report on them, as they can be very valuable.

Links in coverage can deliver traffic to your client's website and benefit SEO as well. finds and counts the links in your coverage and then displays it in the summary metrics section at the top of every report. You can search for up to 5 domains per book!

In the Book Overview tab, click on the Metrics and Backlinks button.

Then click on Check backlinks to...

Enter in the URL of your clients website and we'll search all your online coverage for any links back to it. In the Metrics Summary page you can choose to show how many pieces of coverage contained links, and the total number of individual links through all your coverage.

Why aren't some backlinks being counted in the report?

We'll search for direct links in the html of a webpage (eg Sometimes a website will use a redirect service, so the link does not go directly to the tracked URL (for advertising, monetary or tracking purposes). This means that when we check the coverage for your backlink, we won't detect it, as the URL doesn't match.

You can check if this is the case by copying the link from the page and pasting it into your browser, to see if it is a redirect service or a direct link to your site.

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