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My PDF is too big and the download failed
My PDF is too big and the download failed

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If you're trying to download a PDF and see a "failed" message, its likely the PDF you're trying to make is just too large to download through your browser.

Generally we'd advise keeping books to a smaller size if you're sharing as a PDF. We also offer some different view options to help reduce the size. Try switching to a Grid or List view to present coverage in a more compact format.

Alternatively, sharing reports using our online link gives instant access to the latest version of the report in your account. It works great with larger books, and the link will only access a view only version of the book in your account. And it won't break your email inbox!

But if you've made a huge book and really want to get a PDF, there's a way you can generate a copy locally.

Just add /print to the end of the share URL of the book in your browser. It'll open up a preview version of the PDF.

Next, click on File - Print, and select Save to PDF. It'll take a while depending on the size but should generate a copy you can save locally.

If you're using Safari, click on File - Print, then select Save to PDF in the drop down menu to save a local copy.

Next, click on More Settings and switch Background Graphics to "on". Click on Save, and you can now print the file as a PDF and download it from your browser.

My PDF file is too big to email!

If the PDF failed to generate its pretty likely you made a big book! The file size it probably too large to email. You could try a tool like to reduce the size a little. Your email inbox will thank you for it :)

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