How do I cancel my plan subscription?

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Our plans have no minimum contract length and can be cancelled at any time before your next renewal date - when cancelling you'll keep access to your current plan and benefits until your next renewal comes round.

To cancel, login and click on the Settings menu - Account Settings. You'll see the option to cancel at the bottom of the 'plan' tab.

Click on "visit Stripe" to access the cancellation options in our billing portal. Follow the prompts to cancel. We'll follow up right away with an email to confirm your plan has been set to cancel at the end of the current billing period. You'll also see a message in the Plan tab of your account settings to confirm your plan is set to cancel.

**Please note, if you have upgraded plans in the same month you're cancelling, we'll bill you any additional upgrade fees in your final monthly bill**

I've changed my mind and don't want to cancel just now

You can stop the cancellation of your plan at any time before the end of your current subscription period. Just head to the main account settings - plan tab and you can reinstate your current subscription with us.

Can I pause my account instead of cancelling?

Yes, we've got a lower cost Archive plan option available for $15 a month. This is a good option if you'd like to save all your current data, but don't have any new coverage or books to create for a while.

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