If you think you may have secured some links back to your campaign content or client's website in your PR coverage it's a good idea to report on them as they can be very valuable.

Links in coverage can deliver traffic to your client's website and well as benefit SEO.

Coveragebook.com finds and counts the links in your coverage in the edit view and then displays it in the summary metrics section at the top of every report. 

If you're a new trial customer since 19th August, click here to check out how you can search for links in your coverage

Just click 'Check for links' in the summary metrics section in edit. Then add the URL you would like to track to see if its been included in any of your coverage. We'll then count and display in your report.

For more information on why links are important in PR on and how to track in Coveragebook.com read this blog post.

Trials after 19th August - how to search for client links in your coverage

In the Book Overview tab, click on the check for backlinks button to add in your clients web addresses

Enter in the URL of your clients website and we'll search all your online coverage for any links back to it. You can now also add up to 5 separate websites to search through your report at once!

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