Can I add my own custom metrics to a report?

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Yes! Customise away.

How to add a metric to the summary page

If you'd like to include your own metrics in the summary page, you can create a card. Click on the "add custom card" button.

Give it a title, short description and a value and click Save.

We'll add the card to your metrics summary. If you want to move the card to another position just drag and drop it into place.

How do I remove or edit a card I've added?

Click on the "choose metrics" button and go to your custom summary cards

Uncheck the tickbox on the card to remove it from your summary page. You can also click to edit the card, or permanently delete it.

How to add custom metrics to individual clips

You can also add as much of your own data as you like to all your coverage items. We'll add up all the metrics as you add them to individual clips and add them to your metrics summary page.

To get started, click on the + add custom metric button beside the clip.

If you've already added some metrics we'll save those for future use - just click on the metric from your list to use that one. Or, click on the + button to add a new metric.

Give it a name, describe what you're measuring and select if you want to total up your metrics as a sum, or average of all the data you've added for that metric to the clips in your book.

Click Save, and now you can add that custom metric and give it a value!

Adding audiences for print, social and other coverage types

When you upload offline coverage we'll ask you to set up an outlet first. This determines how we'll show metrics for that outlets audience. So if you create a print outlet for a newspaper, we'll show Circulation and so on...

  • For Print - Circulation

  • For TV - Audience (Usual audience of the show)

  • For Radio - Listenership

  • Other offline coverage - Audience

  • Social platforms - Followers, subscribers

Click on the edit option above the clip, enter in the value and save it. We'll remember the audience number you set for the outlet and show it whenever you add coverage from the same outlet again, so you'll only need to do this once for each publication you add to your account.

Can I Archive or delete a custom metric from my account?

If you no longer use some of your custom metrics you can archive them from your account. You can also permanently delete a custom metric. Here's how.

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