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What metrics do you collect for social posts?
What metrics do you collect for social posts?

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We currently support the following Social media platforms (as of November 2023).

  • Facebook (image embeds)

  • Instagram

  • Spotify Playlists

  • TikTok

  • Twitch

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

What metrics do you collect?

It'll depend on the type of post. If you upload a URL from any of the below platforms, we'll collect the account's audiences (Followers, Subscribers) and engagements (likes, comments, views, plays etc). Here's a list of the metrics we can collect from each platform (where available).

Here's a screenshot of an Instagram post, where we've collected followers, views and engagements (likes and comments).

Do the metrics update automatically after I've imported a Social clip?

As you import a URL, we'll capture a snapshot of the account's current audience and engagements at that moment. These metrics don't update automatically over time, but you can refresh the engagements and manually edit an account's audience.

Some clips don't show metrics or an image of the post. Why is that?

Where possible we'll collect an embed and data, but you might see a message to say a post has since been deleted, restricted, or the embed is unavailable. This could be where the type of post, content or account hasn't allowed us access.

Some examples are:

  • The account has embeds turned off

  • An account is set to private or has other privacy settings enabled

  • Age related content - see Facebook's guidance on this here

  • Group, Community or Business profiles on Facebook (some accounts are set up in a way we can't collect data for right now).

  • Instagram Stories aren't possible to import automatically using a URL. We have more info on adding content here.

  • Instagram Reels may not have accessible Video views, where we're unable to collect this data we'll use our own Estimated Views metric.

Can you collect data from LinkedIn posts?

When you add LinkedIn URLs we'll grab an embed image of the post. Data collection via third parties was discontinued by LinkedIn a while back, so we won't be able to pull through any metrics right now, but you can add your own manually.

What's the difference between Plays and Views on Reels posts?

Plays are similar to Impressions on Instagram, where anyone who clicks to play a Reel or it plays automatically (as they scroll through a feed). It'll count repeat plays from the same devices. You can only see plays in the Reels tab of an account (see below image).

We collect the number of views a Reel has had (from the direct URL of the post). This counts the number of times an individual account has viewed the Reel on screen at least once. This data isn't publicly visible. In some cases views data isn't accessible. if this happens we'll use our own estimated views calculation to predict how many people are likely to have viewed the Reel. Instagram have some information on this here.

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