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Our CSV export contains all the data from a report in a spreadsheet friendly format. In July 2023 we updated the CSV layout to make it more consistent, so you'll now see the data appearing in the same columns across all your reports.

Coverage metadata

In the first columns (A-I) you'll find all the coverage metadata, like the book name and section, titles, URLs, dates and the coverage type.

Our default metrics

Our four main metrics are rolled up across all your coverage in the report (columns J-M).

  1. Views will show the total number of people who have viewed the coverage items in your report. It'll show all the Estimated Views for online and social coverage, plus any other view metrics for the social platforms we support. Check out our FAQ on metrics collect for social platforms here.

  2. Engagements total up all the social shares for online articles across Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, plus engagements for social posts (likes, comments etc).

  3. Audiences will show the total number of people who visit all of the outlets where you have featured coverage in your report. For online coverage it'll show monthly Unique Visits, and for social posts we'll include followers and subscribers.

  4. Domain Authority - we'll show the DA score for the online coverage items in your report.


If you've added some short comments to a clip in a report we'll show those for each item just after our default metrics section.


You can search for backlinks in your online coverage items for up to 5 domains per book. We'll show the number of links per online clip in the next 5 columns (O-S).

Social Metrics

For the 6 social platforms we support, you'll see the remaining columns contain all the broken down data for each platform, such as Instagram Followers, likes, comments, shares, plays and so on.

Custom metrics

If you use custom metrics to add your own data, these will show at the end of the CSV. If you'd like to archive or delete any metrics you're no longer using check out our guides below.

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