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What is the Coverage Vault?

Coverage vault, coverage tracker

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Your coverage vault is a live coverage tracker. It’s the area of CoverageBook where you can find a list of all the coverage you have added to CoverageBook.

This means it is a great place to turn to for creating books when gathering coverage outside your routine reports, such as pitches or award entries. It's also great for those last-minute stakeholder requests. Want to find your best-performing piece of coverage? Or the most viewed campaign? You can do so easily from the vault.

It’s like a spreadsheet of all the coverage from your entire team or agency, all in one place and with easy-to-use search filters.

In the vault, you can….

  • Refine all your coverage by date, book, campaign or even highlighted and then either create a new book of all our coverage or sort by views, engagements and more here’s how

  • Merge or combine reports to make summaries - here’s how

  • Search for specific clips and add them to books - here's how

  • Get the shareable link to one single clip - here’s how

  • Create summary reports from the best pieces of coverage - here’s how

  • Find deleted coverage (even if you delete the books they are in - we save them in the vault)

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