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What metrics do you collect for online articles?
What metrics do you collect for online articles?

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When you add an online article to CoverageBook, we'll pull relevant metrics about the site hosting the article and the article itself

Outlet(Website/Publication) Metrics

  • Domain Authority(DA) - Domain Authority is a metric (scored out of 100) that gives some indication of how influential a website is in search engines, and is often used by search agencies to give their clients an indication of the quality of their link-building efforts.

  • Unique Visits - This figure shows the estimated number of people who visit the website/outlet that your article was featured on, in a monthly period. Please note, this is not the number of people who have seen the article, just the number that visit the site as a whole.

Article Metrics

  • Estimated Views - The Estimated Views metric is an estimation of how many people are likely to have viewed a piece of coverage through its lifetime.

  • Engagements - The number of likes, comments, and social shares of the article. See below for more information on all the engagements we collect per platform.

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